Community | Support changes to the electoral system

Please sign, share and support to change the Electoral College to votes by congressional district while Obama is still in office.

Change the current Electoral College system to a congressional district method to more accurately reflect citizen votes and popular votes.

Urge state representatives to change the winner-takes-all state votes to electoral votes divided by the popular vote winner in each of the state’s congressional districts. It would allow state votes to be split according to the popular candidate for each congressional district and not allow marginal winners to take all the state votes in future presidential elections.

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Herencia Trilogy | Mixed media narrative library for the Getty Underground — urban iconic

The Herencia Trilogy narrative library built for the Getty Underground art show is a Greetings From L.A. tribute to a variety of work by Al Ruppersberg, as well as an overall questioning of what difference an individual or group of individuals can make with their life… What elements of our history are inherited through genetics, […]

via Herencia Trilogy | Mixed media narrative library for the Getty Underground — urban iconic

Travel | Born Free motorcycle show & weekend festival

Road trip to the Born Free motorcycle show for a weekend of custom motorcycles, music, fashion, camping, food trucks, vintage goods, vendor booths and fun for gypsy, bohemian riders…

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Books | Vintage & collectible bookends

Vintage and collectible bookends for a fun, eclectic and bohemian display of books throughout your home.

Some info about Occupied Japan vintage collectibles:
Occupied Japan Vintage Collectibles

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Food | Mango, orange & coconut bread

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Homemade fruit bread is easily made and provides a quick grab-and-go snack for morning or afternoon coffee or tea. Try having a homemade slice of this hearty bread instead of a snack bar.

This version uses mango, orange and shredded coconut, but A variety of fruit, flour, oil and dairy combinations can be substituted for this recipe.

I  make it weekly with seasonal fruit: strawberry & lime; lemon & coconut; cinnamon & applesauce; cranberry & orange compote; blueberry & lemon; blood orange & olive oil; lavender, honey & poppyseed; banana & walnut; peach & pecan; apricot & pistachio…

It’s fun to experiment with combinations and it’s a good way to use the over ripe fruit at the end of the week.

I adapted this recipe from a lemon bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour site:
Lemon Bread Recipe from King Arthur Flour