DIY gifts | 2014 Annal: Koi for Tanner

As a holiday gift, I made an “annal” with thoughts and images of 2014. I used a small framed bulletin board as a base and composed a picture using a style similar to a traditional Japanese method called “Kirigami” that involves cutting and folding paper to make images.

For this project, I cut all of the shapes and patterns from newspaper and I selected an article from the L.A.Times as a backdrop to summarize some of the meaningful moments in books, art and life for 2014. The other inspiration was a “yin-yang” of two koi fish swimming upstream and against the current. I made some initial sketches for the koi as a reference before I started cutting and also had a vintage Japanese dish/platter as inspiration for some of the water patterns. On the back I attached a personal note and picture from the year as a memory of 2014.

LATimesBooks 2014 in Review: David L. Ulin looks at the year in books – LA Times


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