Travel | Mexico City’s cosmopolitan magnitude & Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” mantra

urban iconic

In 2001 I visited Mexico City and Costa Rica on a 16 day trip. Mexico City and Costa Rica are developing countries that both have issues of people versus the environment. Both places were reminders of the world as a large, delicately balanced ecosystem that is shared.

Mexico City was as polluted, populated, and seemingly dangerous as it’s reputed. While I was careful and didn’t have any bad experiences, seeing lots of security so conspicuously armed with very large guns was unsettling. I guess it’s a simple matter of economics between the very obvious few with wealth, evident in the opulent shops of the city centre, versus the overwhelming masses of squatters living under crates and pieces of tin, without water or electricity, for miles and miles of shanty towns that extend far into the horizon. It’s one of the world’s most populated cities, built on a lake, with water that…

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