Food | Mango, orange & coconut bread

Click on the slides to begin and to see the ingredients and steps.

Homemade fruit bread is easily made and provides a quick grab-and-go snack for morning or afternoon coffee or tea. Try having a homemade slice of this hearty bread instead of a snack bar.

This version uses mango, orange and shredded coconut, but A variety of fruit, flour, oil and dairy combinations can be substituted for this recipe.

I  make it weekly with seasonal fruit: strawberry & lime; lemon & coconut; cinnamon & applesauce; cranberry & orange compote; blueberry & lemon; blood orange & olive oil; lavender, honey & poppyseed; banana & walnut; peach & pecan; apricot & pistachio…

It’s fun to experiment with combinations and it’s a good way to use the over ripe fruit at the end of the week.

I adapted this recipe from a lemon bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour site:
Lemon Bread Recipe from King Arthur Flour


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