Books | Vintage & collectible bookends

Vintage and collectible bookends for a fun, eclectic and bohemian display of books throughout your home.

Some info about Occupied Japan vintage collectibles:
Occupied Japan Vintage Collectibles

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Books | Vintage book display

Instead of just keeping vintage or antique books on a shelf, I like displaying favorite pieces and incorporating it into my room decor, especially those that express my interests in writing, cooking, travel and art. An added bonus are those rare books with cover work or color that punctuate other vintage collectables.

Books | The Last Bookstore LA

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As local and specialty shops for selling books have been eliminated, first by the large chains and then by the online giants, like Amazon, there remains only a few spots to be able to enjoy physically browsing books. Since the loss of Borders, I’ve even been sad to see many of the Barnes & Noble locations shut their doors. I feel that in losing bookstores, communities lose more than just a place to purchase books. Many of the shops also provide public and community services and a meeting place for cultural gatherings.

I have fond memories of going to Cody’s Books from back in my college days, usually stopping there to hangout or browse several nights a week on my way home. Just passing through Cody’s was inspiring and it provided learning opportunities on far more than just literature. They were a part of the community and even sheltered student…

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Books | The Journals of Spalding Gray » RIP: A life lived candidly

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Knopf publishers have just released The Journals of Spalding Gray in remembrance of the gifted actor, orator, writer, storyteller and artist. While not the inventor of autobiographical monologues nor of experimental theater, he was certainly one of its champions. He is an important part of American oral history and among my favorite “voices” in storytelling, which also includes his contemporary, Joe Frank, and more recently, David Sedaris.

A very close friend took me to see Spalding Gray for his “virgin monologues” about Swimming to Cambodia. I’m not sure what shocked me more: Spalding Gray’s “crazy rants,” that he was on tour during this “festive” time with other holiday performances such as, The Nutcracker, or that this was my “Christmas present,” but it was enjoyably one of my more memorable gifts, as well as poignant recollections.

I was struck by Spalding’s nonchalant demeanor of…

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