Music | Deftones live 2016 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

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Music | Bill Graham: Counterculture & benefit concerts

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Bill Graham was a legendary music promoter behind many Bay Area bands for several decades, starting amid the 1960’s counterculture movement of San Francisco. His work affected not only acts like, Jefferson Airplane, the Fugs, SantanaBig Brother & the Holding Company with Janis JoplinAllen GinsbergJoan Baez and the Grateful Dead, but he also promoted the distinctive style of that era with art by Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and Rick Griffin. He organized music festivals and benefit events to support community fund raising for after school programs, human rights, Amnesty International and Live Aid. His current exhibition at Skirball Culture Center in Los Angeles, California celebrates his lifetime of wide-ranging achievements, from being a Holocaust survivor to receiving a Purple Heart as an American soldier in the Korean War.

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Music | French post-punk, art-pop

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Like not being able to help falling in love with the wrong guy

ANGIL + Hiddentracks’ songs entice like watching the excruciatingly, long hallway scenes in a Hitchcock thriller that I know will lead to horror, but that I cannot stop myself from following the camera down the hall anyway.

Oulipo Saliva is a gorgeously sinister album that doesn’t just come out and punch you in the face, but slowly worms it’s way into your heart with its hauntingly melodic and contemplative ballads. The second track, Narrow Minds, feels like falling in love with a creepy and suicidal Goth guy, that somehow makes suffering seem romantic. Took No Drugs, Had No Drink is a jazzy Poe-like poem that I cannot help reading despite knowing that it will give me nightmares. Trying To Fit is a thoughtful, bantering rap that sums up the frustrations of a generation searching to succeed artfully. You Most…

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