Style | Vintage leather Mexican hand tooled wallets

These vintage Mexican hand tooled, leather wallets were an estate sale find and one of them has the additional charm of telling a story about the original owner.



Style | Bell sleeve shift dress

Bohemian gypsy style in a green silk shift dress with bell sleeves, layered over a neutral sheath and paired with eclectic cuffs, drop earrings, bead necklace, colorful clutch & platform sandals.

Style | Short-term transformations & ombré hair

Try ombré hair ends, spot color or fringes/test bangs in stages before your next haircut. If you only dye the tips or change a small section, it can easily be cut-out and it’s a fun way to change your style for just a weekend or short-term vacation.


Style | Asymmetric haircuts

Fun spring haircuts can switch-up your look and give you an entire summer of casual style to grow it out by fall.