Travel | Born Free motorcycle show & weekend festival

Road trip to the Born Free motorcycle show for a weekend of custom motorcycles, music, fashion, camping, food trucks, vintage goods, vendor booths and fun for gypsy, bohemian riders…

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Travel | Viva Las Vegas 2016: Car show & Rockabilly festival road trip

Road trip to the Viva Las Vegas car show and Rockabilly festival featuring Brian Setzer and Dick Dale, as well as other performers, pin-up girls, vintage fashion, vendor booths, music, swing dancing and lots of classic cars and hot rods!

Travel | Santa Barbara Orchid Farm: Road trip for 4th of July music, skate & beach festivities

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Travel | Iconic Russia: Contemporary art, White Nights and grey areas

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The ATM in Red Square gave me the option of USD or Russian rubles. I thought, “How convenient, a foreign ATM that will allow me to withdraw according to the equivalent US currency- very useful so I won’t have a surprise later on how the exchange rate affects my account balance.” I selected the middle option of “400 USD” and four, very crisp, US one hundred dollar bills shot out of the ATM, almost as if they were freshly minted. I quickly shoved the bills deep into my pocket and withdrew another equivalent in Russian rubles because I needed the local currency to buy food. Stunned and scared to be carrying large amounts of cash and US currency on the Moscow street, I quickly walked away and decided I should return to the hotel to lock up the extra cash along with my passport. This ATM experience was very suspicious…

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Travel | Iconic Milan: Things to do IF visiting

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If you have to go to Milan.

In Rome you can find classical antiquity, in Florence you can find the Renaissance, in Venice you can find Baroque grandeur, and in Milan,… in Milan you can find work. Of all the large, global cities, Milan is probably my least favorite, but it’s not completely devoid of delectable activities. Italy is full of history, art, cuisine and regional specialities and it has such a full range of choices: from beaches to mountains, antiquated to contemporary, budget to uber-luxe and tranquil to bustling. It’s probably one of the reasons why Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, but suprisingly, the country’s second-largest city is its least intriguing.

There are so many other things to do in Italy that Milan has never been my primary destination, but there have been many times that I’ve had to go there as a result…

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Travel | Economy flying tips

Exit row vs. non-exit row; Overhead vs. under-seat storage area & legroom; Window vs. aisle seats; Front vs. back of the plane & making flight connections.

Using wearable flight gear that can double as flight blankets, neck pillows & eye masks/private space while trying to sleep on flights.

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Travel | Mexico City’s cosmopolitan magnitude & Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” mantra

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In 2001 I visited Mexico City and Costa Rica on a 16 day trip. Mexico City and Costa Rica are developing countries that both have issues of people versus the environment. Both places were reminders of the world as a large, delicately balanced ecosystem that is shared.

Mexico City was as polluted, populated, and seemingly dangerous as it’s reputed. While I was careful and didn’t have any bad experiences, seeing lots of security so conspicuously armed with very large guns was unsettling. I guess it’s a simple matter of economics between the very obvious few with wealth, evident in the opulent shops of the city centre, versus the overwhelming masses of squatters living under crates and pieces of tin, without water or electricity, for miles and miles of shanty towns that extend far into the horizon. It’s one of the world’s most populated cities, built on a lake, with water that…

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