Travel | Viva Las Vegas 2016: Car show & Rockabilly festival road trip

Road trip to the Viva Las Vegas car show and Rockabilly festival featuring Brian Setzer and Dick Dale, as well as other performers, pin-up girls, vintage fashion, vendor booths, music, swing dancing and lots of classic cars and hot rods!


DIY Home | Table refinished with positive affirmation messages

Bathroom coup d’√©tat¬†redesign project that included an antique wash basin table refinished with positive affirmation messages: “Carpe Diem” | “Pluck the day as it is ripe…” by Horace & the serpent’s messages to Eve about trying the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden: “Ye shall not surely die… In the day ye eat thereof… Your eyes shall be opened…”

Books | Vintage book display

Instead of just keeping vintage or antique books on a shelf, I like displaying favorite pieces and incorporating it into my room decor, especially those that express my interests in writing, cooking, travel and art. An added bonus are those rare books with cover work or color that punctuate other vintage collectables.

DIY home | Hand embroidered patch

For a personalized gift, I handmade an embroidered name patch for a classic car fanatic. Buttons or more embroidery embellishments can be added for other looks, but I kept this one simple to go with the vintage mechanic look.

Travel | Santa Barbara Orchid Farm: Road trip for 4th of July music, skate & beach festivities

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